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January 05, 2008



That's hilarious.

There must be a song in it somewhere....

Lexie Greeneberg

Anyone that reads that articlce and read the article, You SHOULD be jealious of me.... Me and my brother and one of my best friends know that secret word that my dad said!!! I am getting ready to play Yahtzee! Lets see if that word works for me as well as my Daddy! It is kind of a funny thing to say... I don't think anyone could quess what it is... My dad was being silly, and said it and it worked almost every time!!! Got to go and try to beat him! It VERY VERY FUN watching my dad! Anyone that knows him would laugh if you were there! My Dad is a great Yahtzee player as well as a great dad, and in fact he is the best dad in the world I think anyone who knows my dad well, should be proud of it! Never give up in Yahtzee! Think of your own saying to say, see if it works!!!!!



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