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June 03, 2008



Another Splash as they would say... Another SPlash into the cold, but warm lake.
Another Splash into a new CD. Tales of a Modern Splash.

I have to be honest... I didn't read the article... LOL I just read the title.
and another splash is the title. I didn't feel like reading it. Even though I am sure that it is wonderful.

IF you have seen the cover on my dads new cd, you see me jumping into my pond in my backyard.

ANother Splash of a tale that is made when you jump into the pool water or the pond water.

I have NO idea if this comment has ANYTHING to do with the article....
But I am glad that I said it!!!!

Even though it may not make any sense to you....

Thankyou to all of the people who bought my dads cd...

All of his fans.....

Everybody that has supported us in any way.......

I hope you have a nice day!!!!



It makes absolutely no sense, but I'm glad you said it too!!!


yeah I know right... but my brain makes no sense..


I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the dads that made this cd.
I also wanted to say happy fathers day to the cd because there are tales.. like songs.... there are like children to the cd because the whole cd is like a dad.
So HAppy Fathers day to the cd and all of the dads that made there own cds. :)


Just spotted your site and wanted to mention that I have over 270 pieces of fingerstyle guitar music available at:


Thanks for reading !

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