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November 21, 2008


Greg Pare

Something funky is going on. Type


into google.com and you'll see your site fully indexed. But, typing only 100yearpicnic.com or "100 year picnic" doesn't bring your site up at all on any of the pages. Do you have any other domain names (like onehundredyearpicnic.com) pointing to the same site. I know google doesn't like different domains with the exact same content and will sometimes only show one of them... my 2 cents. If you only have the one domain, I'm at a loss.

Greg Pare

You might also try finding forums for typepad users, or contacting typepad support (that is what you're using correct?). I found this about google sitemaps with typepad:


Are you using sitemaps?


Thanks for your help Greg. I have tried all those things that you mention and I also have a webmaster tools account which shows no errors. Typepad helped point to the sitemaps which I now have, but that's about all they could help with. They told everything should work based on what they are seeing from their end. The only other thing I could check is our record company site, www.wheeliepop.com, which has some of the same links and content. I guess I can remove that content and see what happens. None of it makes sense to me. Thanks so much for taking the time to help, Jeff

Greg Pare

I believe it would have to be the exact same content like a domin alias. Wheeliepop shouldn't be affecting it.


I had some of my typepad typelists on the wheeliepop site so I deleted those and deleted other content and links just to try yet another thing. I've pretty much tried everything.

Bob Gallagher

I've added your website link to my homepage "favorites" to help you guys while you dance the "Google Shuffle".
I don't get but a couple hundred hits a week but it might help.
Maybe others can do the same.....

Greg Pare

Looks like it's working now...


Yes finally! I'll refrain all the swear words and just say it was a pain. Thanks for your help Greg, Jeff


that really stinks. I am at school. in computer class.

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