The Days Are Weak, The Nights Are Stronger...Indeed
We're #6, We're #6!

Right now I should be mixing the last of the Booby Trap Brown songs, but I need to take a moment here to say thank you to our podcasting friends around the globe that somehow, someway, somewhere find 100 Year Picnic music and choose to play it on their shows during the first half of 2009. We've now been featured on over 100 shows. Kinda cool. 

Podshow Radio, Florida, played I Don't Know What To Tell You on January 17, Looks Are For Free on Feb 2, and Another Phase on May 7.  Brent's show also features great interviews including this one with Bernard "Pretty" Purdie, who played drums on so many great hits, especially from the 60s and 70s.

Making Noise, Massachusetts, featured Marilyn County on January 22. 

Godbox Cafe, Canada, played Catch This Crazy on January 23.

Sundown Lounge Podcast, California, played Mary Faye Tucker on February 6

Sounds From The Yellow Room, Florida, played Hot Balloon on February 6.

Homecast, California, featured Catch This Crazy on March 13 and Looks Are For Free on April 3.

YA Literature Review, Texas, on March 30 featured I Don't Know What To Tell You played at almost half-speed, which is pretty interesting. Like the snare sound at that speed...

Jared Weseman: Unfiltered, Michigan, played We Were Not The Same on May 1, Come On May 17, I Don't Know What To Tell You on June 15, Another Phase on July 2, and Everything's Perfect on July 2. 

The Schwagcast, New York, played Mary Faye Tucker on May 5.

Estilingue, Brazil, played Hot Balloon on April 29.

Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag, Texas, played Everything on June 11.

The Artist Review, Minnesota, played Mary Faye Tucker on July 28

For more podcasts featuring 100 Year Picnic checkout thisthis, this, and this as well.


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