Once Upon A Time, There Was A 10 Gallon Cat

105_0570_6Welcome to 100yearpicnic.com. My name is Jeff Greeneberg, and I will be your most excellent host, bringing you the latest and greatest of news you can use on my beloved indie rock music project--100 Year Picnic. We’ll have free music downloads, project updates, concert dates, photos, and stuff you can buy if you so desire.

I will also be introducing you to the many talented musicians, writers, and friends that are involved, not only with this musical experiment, but also with their own original bands. I’m hoping to bring to you some of their music, shows, and updates. These are people you deserve to know about and music you deserve to hear.

Sometimes, when I think about it, it’s hard to believe we have all this talent right here in this unlikely place. I suppose it’s as good as any. Life happens where you live. In this case, it happens in Bloomington, Illinois.


David Berchtold

Very cool, Jeff! Can't wait to see and hear more. Are you working on another CD? I still think you should do another run of the 100YearPicnic CDs & put it out on CDBaby.

Best of luck,


Alright! The 100-year picnic is back on the web! We want songs! More songs!


Yes, we have a bunch of songs in the hopper. This project is even more collaborative than the last, so it is very exciting, and we have more to work with. I will be posting a little bit about our approach, and will even be posting some song sketches (4-track demos) and some improvisations. My 'about' page (http://www.100yearpicnic.com/about.html) covers some of this, but I'll share more as we progress. Thanks for the support guys!

Matthew Oliphant

More Podcasting!


Great site, Jeff. I am amazed by your talents.

Bob Gallagher

Nice Website Jeff!
We need to get together and play sometime again!

Jeff Greeneberg

Thanks Bob, we have some stuff coming up soon that need some trombone. I'll let you know as we get closer...

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