All The Rock Stars Are In This Town
April 2005 Shows

10gcIt was a fun name, a great logo, and we would call it 10GC for short.

It was the original name of the 100 year picnic recording project. Soon after releasing the first record, a six-song EP, I discovered through my favorite internet search engine, altavista, that the 10 Gallon Cat name was already taken. What are the chances of that??? By the way, the other 10 Gallon Cat band is quite good and worth checking out in San Francisco...if they are still together...

Anyway, here are two songs for you to download that were on that original 1998 10GC release.
Download 02_marilyn_county.mp3
Download 16_everything.mp3

Marilyn County was probably the most popular song on this record. The words were co-written by my good friend from Wisconsin, Jeff Robshaw. The song features a brilliant lap steel/electric guitar duet by Tommy O'Donnell, who at the time was the leader of an amazing band, the Spelunkers. This was Tommy's idea to have the dueling guitars for the solo section. Clay Thompson, who was also in the Spelunkers, played a fun bassline on the song. I played one of my first EVER guitar leads for the song intro. I don't know if you can call that a lead, but I'm going to call it a lead... Chris Ahillen played the thick marshall guitar sound in the choruses... Me on drums, guitar, and vocals.

The song, Everything, was done on 8-Tracks. It was the first song I recorded on my "new" ADAT digital 8-track. This is now amusing because these machines that were $2500 can now be bought and sold on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. This song features the great guitar textures and a very original solo from Edwin Pierce. An old friend of mine, Jeff Walker, played a nice fat bass on this one. Me on drums, vocal, and guitar (playing Ed's guitar through his rig, doing my best to imitate him). This was also my first song to be played on the radio (WESN, 88.1, Bloomington, IL). Enjoy!



Who is this Jeff Robshaw guy? He's a genius and I've got to meet him...

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