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Come On (mp3 8-Track Demo) 

"Light the candles and let the wind blow in.  Let the kitchen curtains fly..."

I wrote this song a few years ago.  In fact, it was the first song I wrote after September 11, 2001.  In addition to being an initial response to this national tragedy, it was a reminder to myself of all the things I thought I should be doing.   

Well a couple years passed, and I was attending an event in support of a family friend who was about to receive a bone marrow transplant to battle his second recurrence of Hodgkin's disease.  His name is Rob Moser, and I'm told he is doing great, now two years after that successful transplant.  Anyway, at the time, many of Rob's friends and supporters had been asking what they could do to help.  His unselfish response was for us to reach out and help OTHER people.  So in what must have been one of the lowest moments of his life, he is reaching out to US to reach out to others.  Take time to do the things you love with the people you love.  Share with a teacher or a friend how they've made a difference for you in your life.  Spend quality time with your kids.  Wow.  This very powerful message from this survivor created quite a stir in all of us. This is the recording I made one afternoon that week. 

Fast forward another year to September 11, 2004.  Besides being September 11, and all of the thoughts and memories that day brings to us all, it was a fairly ordinary day.  But at 1:30 in the morning we received one of those phone calls that you never want to receive.  My Dad had died very suddenly late that evening while on vacation in Wisconsin.  Of all places, he was returning to the dance floor at a wedding reception, and he collapsed with a massive heart attack.  He was only 61.  Anyway, I share this story because we decided to play this recording at my Dad's funeral. 

It is a song for the living.

Now why in the world they want to tear down this modern work of art is beyond me.  But that is exactly what they are going to do in a matter of weeks.  I never did hear a good reason why.  I'm sure it's all about the money, the corporate dollars, the taxes the city will bring in, blah, blah, blah.  This is certainly not news, except that demolition day is just around the corner. 

My Dad and I had some great times together at this beautiful piece of architecture: some exciting games, some great childhood memories, and later on, some very expensive park beer.  I was also there in the nineties to see Elton John, Billy Joel, and 50,000 people singing in unison "Sing us the song you're the piano man, sing us the song tonight...

And best of all, my Dad and I took my own son to Busch Stadium to HIS first major league game.

122_2265Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to attend, along with my boy and my uncle, the 6th to last game ever to be held in the current Busch Stadium.  Yes, they are going to do away with the same stadium that hosted two World Series Championships ('67 & '82) and four additional National League Championships ('68, '85, '87, & '04), and all the magic in between with Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith, Mark McGwire, now Albert Pujols, and the rest of the greats.  But all things must pass....

So here's to the Busch Stadium of my childhood.  And here's to the Cardinals winning one last world championship in my favorite stadium. 

La-da-da...  DADEE-da...  la-da-DADEE-da...  da-da...    

Many people are stepping up to the plate to help out, including our musician community.  Thousands of independent musicians are donating ALL of their proceeds from their sales.  100 Year Picnic is of course participating in this as well.  So it's a great way to hear some new music and contribute to the American Red Cross at the same time.  Here's another page of music related contributors.