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Apple iTunes has opened a digital store for Australia, so my Aussie friends and fans (I know I have at least two....) can now get the full-length re-release of this record.  Australians pay 99 Australian cents, which is about 74 US cents by today's conversion rates.  I call that a bargain...

Here's an interview with Derek from cdbaby about the new Australian store.

We just received word this week from that the participating independent artists donated $165,060 and cdbaby kicked in $40,000 of their own, for a grand total $205,060.  Is that awesome or what?  Many of these artists are barely breaking even on their music, so this is pretty decent.  And let's not forget the people buying the CDs...thank you.  Do not doubt it for one second, cdbaby is a benevolent organization doing the right things for the right reasons.

If you still like a good ole fashioned CD with nicely printed liner notes, the best place to get the 2005 release of 100 Year Picnic - As Tall As The Sky is at Waiting Room Records (in Normal, IL),, or at a live performance here in the midwest. 

If you like it digital, I recommend iTunes or one of these digital download services we've submitted 100YP to:

MusicMatch (Yahoo)
MSN Music
Sony Connect
Apple iTunes (US and Australia)
American Idol Underground
Walmart Music Downloads

Make Things Right (mp3 4-track demo)

"All I have I'll give you, all I give you'll take.  Some are meant together, some are meant to break."

Sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to hang-on to the most important thing.

Both interesting, quirky, and talented songwriters in their own right, don't miss this rare opportunity to see these guys next Friday, 7:00, Oct 21, 2005, at the Castle Theater in Bloomington.  Both have the keen ability to observe everyday life and repeat it back in interesting and unusual ways.  Hope to see you there.