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I'd Take You Anyplace (Alternate Guitar Solo)

"Enchanted by your grace, I would spend another life with you..."

Some of you have probably heard the story about how this song started with a drum track that I did for Tommy Neal.  As an experiment, I wrote a completely different song around the drum track, using a flange on my acoustic guitar, and then adding a few layers of vocals, which you know I like to do.  My good friend, and Thingies bandmate Steve Harris played the big and tasty bass.

This particular version (available for the first time ever!) is a rare mix that I dug out of the studio archives.  This mix includes an alternate guitar solo, played by guitarist Trefan Owen.  Other than my flangy guitar, I think Trefan did all of the electric guitars for this song within 15 - 20 minutes.  And in a matter of minutes, Trefan ripped three awesome solos for this song.  The hard part was deciding what NOT to use. 

Many of you know the one we chose for the record, but I always loved this one too.  I believe it was the first take.  One of the things I always liked about this song was the contrast of the jazzy verse and the big pop chorus, and this solo really pulls more of that jazz element into the song.

If you don't have the original version of this song, check out the original KILLER guitar solo, available on on iTunes for only 99 cents... 



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