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Slow Down, Live, December 12, 2003 (mp3)

142_4203"Slow down, you're drivin' too fast.  These memories won't last if you don't live them first."

Two years ago this month, I put together a group of friends to perform the first official 100 Year Picnic show.  We had myself on vocals and acoustic guitar, Edwin Pierce on bass, Tony San Filippo on percussion, and Ken Thornton on guitar.  We rehearsed a few times, and on this snowy winter's eve, packed an enthusiastic crowd (of friends and family!) into the Crazy Planet Kitchen. (photos by Steve Jordan

A few of the songs we played were brand new, including this version of Slow Down, featuring Ken's masterful slide work.  This is a song I really love to sing.  It's a bit of a note to myself as songs often are for me.  We'll have a studio version on one of the next records. 

Enjoy, and Happy New Year to you and your families, Jeff

Good news for Something Brothers fans everywhere.  The ultra-rare CDs released at their 1999 reunion show are now available as free MP3s on a new website put together by a fan in the St. Louis area:  So if your old sobro cassettes are beyond ratty, or if you don't have a cassette player anymore...  or if you missed out on those CDs, this site, at least for the moment, appears to be a very generous public service.

If you don't know who the Something Brothers are, read the comments from some fans that stumbled onto the tribute site.  Better yet, check out their timeless music

Merry Christmas!

Looking for a way to fill some gaps in your music collection without forking over 15 bucks for a CD?  Give a shot.  I think you get 50 songs free just for trying.  They have a great indie collection (yes, including 100 Year Picnic), they are higher quality mp3s, and you get 40 songs per month for $9.99. 

I'm trying it out for a couple months.  So far I've gotten some great new indie music (some of the best of 2005) from Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, The New Pornographers, Iron & Wine, Robbie Fulks, and the 88.  I also picked up some classic Nina Simone, GBV, and Pixies.  They also have a good selection of jazz, blues, and classical music, so that's next for me.