Welcome Annellia
All That Matters

from the album, 100 Year Picnic -- As Tall As The Sky
Copyright ©2001 Jeff Greeneberg and John Ganser

I’m goin’ to buy a coffin on four wheels
It’s got a red balloon tied to it and a helluva deal
It’s got a shiny black finish with chrome-plated detail
And when you’re in it, heaven

High-compression, turbo-charge, stiff suspension chassis
Zero-to-sixty in under six seconds
Fuel-injected intake manifold runners
Six-speed on the floor and you won’t catch it
Dead ringer for a sucker lookin’ for some action
A body to die for and you won’t forget it
And when you’re in it, heaven

I’m still hangin’ on, something soon is bound to change
I know this could be wrong, but i don’t know any other way
They may love you, they may show you in what they do or say
But they cannot save you unless you want to be saved

John Ganser: Moog, backing vocals, drum loops, drums, cymbals
Jeff Greeneberg: Vocals, synth bass, organ, casio, acoustic guitar, drum loops, drums