I'd Take You Anyplace
Catch This Crazy

from the album, 100 Year Picnic -- As Tall As The Sky
Copyright ©2001 Jeff Greeneberg

I took my dog Chelsie to the vet, she did a number on the floor
It happened soon as I had turned my head, thought it was someone else’s dog for sure
I’m in denial

I bought this shirt at the second hand store, and I washed it soon as I got home
But then when I went to try it on, I smelt a smell I knew was not my own
I’m in denial

Sleep in, keep in that which gives you trouble
People will never know
I’m in denial

Chord Chart
Intro (Em  G  C  CDDEmEm  Em)
Verse (Em  G  Em  G)
Chorus (C9  Em  C9)
Chorus (C9  Em  C9  Em)
Bridge  (Am  G  C  G  Em  CG Am)

Dean Carlson: Acoustic guitar
Rob (Fish) Carpenter: Rhythm guitar
Brian Choban: Trumpet
Bob Gallagher: Trombone
Jeff Greeneberg:  Vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion
James McManus: Bass
Eric Nelson: Wurlitzer and hammond
Tony SanFilippo: drums and cymbals