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Download Of The Month: The Unharshed Mellow (Podcast Theme Song)

His Name Is Red Boy (mp3, Podcast Parody of 'Bad Day') Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

"Who has the show you need the most?  A charming hostess, a congenial host
What do you do when you know someone that talks too much, goes on and on
Just give up, give them a microphone!"

Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for ridiculous parodies, and this one's for my friends Redboy and Absolute Amy over at the Redboy Podcast.  With all of their podcast chattering about American Idol, Redboy had this idea to change the words up for the now overplayed vote-off theme song, Bad Day. 

Red found the backing tracks on one of his radio resource sites, I wrote these silly words to go with the music, and of course, I did my best Daniel Powter impression.  Enjoy!


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