Download Of The Month: His Name Is Red Boy (Podcast Parody of 'Bad Day')
100 Year Picker! Show on Saturday May 20, TC Buzz

The Unharshed Mellow (mp3, Podcast Theme Song) Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

On the mellow...  On the mellow...  On the mellow...
On the unharshed mellow...

Seuss and Addie from The Unharshed Mellow were the first podcasters (outside of the hometown) to pickup a 100 Year Picnic song for their show.  They do a totally chilled-out, West Philly late night show with great independent music, mellow conversation, interactive beer tasting, plenty of laughs, and the occasional power belch.   And you gotta check out the title of this recent show.  I guess they like their theme song...

This particular little number features my good friend Brian Choban, playing an old-timey muted trumpet solo.  He nailed it on the first take, you see, because he is very good.  (By the way, you can also hear Brian's trumpet work on I Started Thinkin' and I'm In Denial.)

We had just finished playing a jazz gig for two hours at TC Buzz, and he so kindly popped over to cut this awesome little trumpet bit for the unharshed theme song.  (In addition to my 100YP eclectic pop labor of love, I've been playing drums in the Brian Choban Jazz Quintet, and I'm having a blast.  If you are in Bloomington, Illinois, (shameless plug) we play twice a month (shameless plug)--2nd Thursday at TC Buzz (shameless plug) and the 4th Thursday (shameless plug) at Chicago Style Pizzeria). 

So anyway, be sure to download the theme song and checkout the podcastic Unharshed Mellow...  Cheers!


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