Tie's Been Broken
About Everything But You

from the album, 100 Year Picnic -- As Tall As The Sky
Copyright ©2001 Jeff Greeneberg


I started thinkin’ there’s a mountain in the way
We started breakin’ down the promises that we had made
Times have changed but we’re the same as we’ve always been
Except that we won’t talk again
I thought that we would last forever

Chord Chart
Intro (A  Em  D  A)
Verse (A  Em  D  A  Em  D  C)
Chorus (C  C  Em  D  D  C  Em  D  C) 
Solo (A  Em  D  A  Em  D  C)

Brian Choban: Trumpet
John Ganser: Drums and cymbals
Jeff Greeneberg: Vocals, rhythm guitar
Greg Pare: Bass
Edwin Pierce:  Wah wah guitar
Ken Thornton: Backwards guitars