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Electric Tuba Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

Here's a little instrumental ditty, improvised by yours truly and my talented friend Rick Bennett.  You may know Rick as the prolific singer-songwriter and bass player from the punky power pop trio, Frankenpony.  If not, check them out, they have a fun new record out, and we'll talk more on that later...

Back to Electric Tuba, this piece is a part of our "Improvised Song Project."  Ok, now the project has a name. 

My good friend Edwin and I have been doing this for years.  So there is a huge backlog of material.  Basically, the idea is to get two or three guys in a room (the basement studio) and make stuff up and catch it all on tape.  Yes, sometimes we still use "tape."  This one was done on an 8-track ADAT, hence the use of tape.  See this way, we don't have to booger around with laptops crashing and hard drives filling up.  And it gives us joy, and that's why we do this.

Anyway, we then make a quick mix of our favorite tracks from the evening, which usually amounts to 40 minutes worth of music to choose from (because the tapes go for 40 minutes).  Occasionally, small doses of beer may or may not be involved in this activity.  Then in the days that follow, we play these mixes of our improvised songs in our cars and laugh our butts off. 

Sometimes we get ideas for melodies and words, and then we record those over the top, and giggle some more.  Sometimes you can hear our audible giggles on tape, because we like to laugh while we record.  Is that wrong? 

Well, we'll start this series off with Electric Tuba.  Rick is playing bass through my little Fender Blues Jr. guitar amp, and that's me on my favorite instrument, the drumset.  In case you were wondering, no tubas were harmed during the recording of this song.  We just made it up on the spot, without discussion.  Maybe that will become quite apparent...or maybe not.  It's just playing and listening, and pure fun.  This little piece cracks me up, so I hope you enjoy it too. 

There is much more to come, and they are all very different, so stay tuned kids.

Thanks to the great podcasters around the world who have played our music in the past few months...

The Gear Jammer, California, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 11
The Mike Beckham Show, Australia, played Marilyn County on March 11 (1st Show)
Radio Revolution, Sweden, played Mary Faye Tucker
The Belgium FM Podcast, Belgium, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 10
The Unharshed Mellow, Philadelphia, played Tie's Been Broken on May 13, About Everything But You on April 9, Hot Balloon on March 21, and Everything on March 12, plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic

Face The Music, Utah, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 14
The Redboy Podcast, Bloomington, Illinois, is playing their new theme song (usually at the end of the show), words and vocals by 100 Year Picnic to the music of Daniel Powter's Bad Day song
Music Attack, Germany, played Everything on March 20
Next M Radio, Idaho, played Marilyn County and I'd Take You Anyplace on March 27
101 Uses For Baby Wipes, California, played Marilyn County on March 27
The Uncanning Podcast, Pittsburgh, played Marilyn County on March 26
Joe's Podcast, Portland Oregon, played Marilyn County on April 20 (1st Show) and Take This Town on June 20
Rightish Brain Podcast, New Jersey, played Mary Faye Tucker on June 10

Get Jacked, Virginia, played Everything on May 24 (100th Show), plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic
The Multiple Sclerosis Blog Podcast, played Marilyn County on June 13, Ohio, played Everything on June 24, Take This Town on June 13, and Mary Faye Tucker and Take This Town on May 29, plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic
DJAJ, Tennessee, played Marilyn County on July 2
Audio Gumshoe, Ohio, played Hot Balloon on June 26
ktsp, Netherlands, played Hot Balloon on July 6
Monday Morning Commute, Chicago, played Take This Town on June 7
Missing Something, New Jersey, played I'd Take You Anyplace on July 7
Schwagcast, New York, played Billy Bob Joe on July 9

For my musician friends out there, check out the music section at This is where you can download your music for podcasters to play on their shows.  If you want to share your music with people outside of your local community, this is a great way to get started.