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Too Much Love (Live @ Home)  Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

Too much love in this house
Squeeze it in and pour it out
And when you're gone I'll fill my cup
With too much love in this house...

This is actually the song for September, so yes, I'm running a little behind.  For all you fans out there waiting, waiting, waiting for the September Download Of The Month, I recorded this live in the kitchen, just me, an acoustic guitar, the iRiver, and the Sony stereo mic. 

It's a new song from this past summer.  Every year, Cathy and the kids go to Minnesota to visit the grandparents.  With my day job schedule, I can't always make the trip, so I'm left at home alone.  Not necessarily a bad problem to have, right?  I always think of all studio work I'm going to get done while the house is quiet, but it never quite happens the way I think it's going to.  The fact of the matter is we love to be together, and this place gets lonely when it's so quiet.   

So anyway this song is something I actually DID complete that week while the fam was gone.  I sang it for the kids when they returned.  By the way, kids DO listen to the words and Lexie's comment was, "Why do you say there's too much love when none of us were actually here?"

So I said, "Good question.  Well, I was being sarcastic.  You know how when you say to me, 'nice shirt Dad,' but you really mean 'Dad you look totally dorky.'  That's being sarcastic."  "And what did you think of the song, Steven?"

"That was SO special," replied my 10-year old son with his very own brand of sarcasm. 

Podcasting rocks, what can I say.  Who needs radio when we can be on the internets???  Or better yet, WHAT IS RADIO?  Check out these internet shows that recently featured our brand of smirky eclectic pop:

Buckeye Drive Time, Ohio, played I'd Take You Anyplace on October 18
Iguanas Indie Artists 5 Pack, New York, played I'd Take You Anyplace on October 10
The Schwagcast, New York, featured our song Heaven on October 1, along with an interview segment with me and my wifey, plus they played the theme song we put together for them.

The Vintage Guitar Cast, New Hampshire, played Marilyn County on September 8
Opinionated Ramblings, New Hampshire, played Marilyn County on September 1

Teen Geek Music Podcast, Ireland, played Take This Town and Someone's In The House on August 14
The Ginger Bohemian Podcast, New Hampshire, played Heaven on August 13
The Bored Again Christian, Illinois, played a theme song demo I wrote for them on August 12
Antecubital Liposuction, Washington, played Billy Bob Joe on August 3
Buckeye Drive Time, Ohio, played Hot Balloon on August 2
The Multiple Sclerosis Blog Podcast, New York, played Hot Balloon on August 2

Daily Pod, Germany, played I'd Take You Anyplace on July 20
This Week In Trade, Texas, played Someone's In The House on July 15

Pod-Star Music Radio, UK, played I'd Take You Anyplace on June 27

And as always, check in with Get Jacked!, The Unharshed Mellow, and The Redboy Podcast, who continue to play the theme songs we wrote and recorded for their shows.

Kevin, Bob, and Jerry put together the New York podcast, The Schwagcast, a fun mash-up featuring great independent music, comedy, stories, and plenty of animal sound effects.  Their self-proclaimed "flawed entertainment" is a great way to hear new music that they have hunted down for us all to hear. 

Check in to party with these guys on their one-year anniversary, on their 38th episode, which also happens to feature an amusing excerpt of an interview that my lovely wife conducted with me about the making of our spooky and spoofy song, Heaven.  Thanks again to Kevin, Bob, and Jerry for the fun and congrats on your one-year milestone!