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Any musicians or studio engineers out there looking to build a professional workspace for their studio without spending a fortune

Look no further.  My very good friend Bob Gallagher has published this simple how-to guide on his website, sharing exactly how he built a professional workstation for his own studio.  Pretty cool. 

Bob also has some exciting news.  As an avid supporter and collector of sE Electronics microphones and studio gear, Bob is now an authorized dealer for sE Electronics.  These are sweet microphones at value prices.  If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with Bob through his website.  One of the items I'm pretty excited to try out is the Reflexion Filter, which is basically a way to get a dry vocal without having to build a vocal booth into your studio. 

In addition to being a great friend and a generous and enthusiastic home studio guy, Bob is a fantastic musician.  Bob played trombone on our album cut for I'm In Denial, and his fun trombone lines became an important part of the chorus hook for the song.