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100_year_picnic_jpg_art A couple nights ago, the Legendary Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit, interviewed me for his popular internet show and showcased 7 of our songs:  100 Year Picnic Artist Showcase 

We had a super fun conversation with lots-o-laughs and stories, and music of course.  We talked quite a bit about songwriting, as well as inspiration for the songs he played on the show, including Everything, Mary Faye Tucker, Marilyn County, Take This Town, I'm In Denial, I'd Take You Anyplace, and his personal favorite...Heaven

Anyway, we were one of the first artists to be featured on this new artist showcase series he kicked off a week ago.  It's a fun and entertaining interview, so enjoy!

Now About Dave

Dave did three tours in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1971. In 1971, he wanted to do something for the front line troops without censorship and created the legendary Radio First Termer radio show.


The show was created for the entertainment of the troops that put their lives on the line every day in Vietnam and who were part of the huge Anti-War movement which was happening within the ranks of the military itself against the war in Vietnam. After only 21 days of broadcasting, they had to shut down the show to prevent getting caught, as there was tremendous pressure on those that were protecting them. Had it not been for a tremendous underground movement, they would have been caught, court martialed and thrown in prison.

Somehow a recording of the show was preserved and you can go back in time to 1971 to hear a live broadcast.  Go to the Dave Rabbit Archives, and scroll to the very bottom and click play.  By the way, these original Radio First Termer shows contain very explicit material so listener discretion is advised.

Dave is also featured in interviews for the 2006 award-winning documentary, Sir! No Sir!, which chronicles the GI Anti-War Movement during the Vietnam War.

They don't appear to work.  We all got the shot this year, and both wifey and daughter have had the nastiest of flu's this past week. 

You want to know something else that doesn't work too well?  The Bissell QuickSteamer.

For those of you here in Central Illinois, come on out to the NV Lounge (107 East Beaufort, Downtown Normal) to hear some great local songwriters.  I don't know who all will be there, but I know my friends Chris Chambers and Tom Neal have asked me to share the stage with them to do a few songs.  Should be fun.  We go on somewhere around 7:00 PM. 

The end of the year is always a signal to the many list-makers of the modern world.  The largehearted music blogger, Largehearted Boy, was kind enough to compile all of the best-of 2006 music lists.  If you don't want to sort through hundreds of year-end lists, at least checkout his favorite records of 2006.   If you love to read, he also reviewed 52 books last year.

Well, in the spirit of the year-end list, I thought it might be fun to share a couple lists of our own.

The 2006 Top 10 Most Popular 100 Year Picnic Songs In Podcasting
We were played on over 60 podcasts during 2006.  These were the most popular songs:

  1. Marilyn County
  2. Mary Faye Tucker
  3. I'd Take You Anyplace
  4. Take This Town
  5. Everything
  6. Hot Balloon
  7. Heaven
  8. Billy Bob Joe
  9. Someone's In The House
  10. About Everything But You

The Top 10 Most Purchased 100 Year Picnic Downloads

  1. Marilyn County
  2. Catch This Crazy
  3. Heaven
  4. Mary Faye Tucker
  5. Hot Balloon
  6. I'm In Denial
  7. Love Is Easy
  8. Everything
  9. I'd Take You Anyplace
  10. Tie's Been Broken

The holidays were busy as always, but these kind and generous podcasters found time to play 100 Year Picnic for their internet audiences:

The Schwagcast, New York, played Marilyn County on December 4.  They also played an amusing interview with yours truly discussing the story behind Marilyn County.  The interviewer is my wifey.

Basement Beats, Iowa, played Billy Bob Joe on December 5.
Get Jacked!, Virginia, played Hot Balloon on December 6.
Iguanas Indie Artists 5 Pack, New York, played I'd Take You Anyplace on December 16.
The Rabbit Zone, Texas, played Heaven on December 22. 
Rusty Chain Commute, Virginia, played I'd Take You Anyplace on December 30.

November, Italy, played I'd Take You Anyplace on November 16.
Verso, Finland, played Hot Balloon on November 25.

Da-rum, Germany, played Mary Faye Tucker on October 31
Get Jacked!, Virginia, played I'd Take You Anyplace on October 29

And as always, check in with Get Jacked!, The Unharshed Mellow, The Redboy Podcast, and The Schwagcast, who continue to play the theme songs we wrote and recorded for their shows.