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I guess I'm on a roll now, sharing the stage with Chris Chambers and Tom Neal at the monthly NV Lounge (107 East Beaufort, Downtown Normal)  Songwriter Night. 

For the most part, I've been clunking through some newer songs, including some I've never played in public.  This week I'm told Tommy is bringing his new Bose PA.  So with all of the added clarity, you might get to hear some of the words, that is if I can read my little sticky notes this time. 

Come on out for a fun night.  We open the evening at 7:00, but stay for over 10 other local songwriters performing their newest musical creations.


For Christmas this year, a very kind and thoughtful family (my in-laws) gave me a subscription to my new favorite monthly music rag, Paste Magazine

I just received my second issue of the year, and pretty much read it front to back while on the road with the fam this past weekend.  In each issue is a CD full of new music, and sometimes there is DVD full of fresh music videos and short independent films.

This month I open to the center CD only to find a track from the local boys, Backyard Tire Fire.  It's a fun Zeppy throwback tune called Downtime, complete with bluesy rock guitars and backwards reverbs... and I think that's my 26" 70s Ludwig kick...   

BTF is now on tour in support of their new CD, Vagabonds and Hooligans, which was co-produced by the band and my good friend Tony San Filippo at his analog studio, Oxide Lounge.  This is a great band getting some good, well-deserved industry buzz, so don't miss them on tour this year.  Sample their new stuff at their site or on their myspace page

Also in this month's Paste, are good stories with The Shins, Lucinda Williams, and one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Eleni Mandell--all sporting new CDs.  I personally have Eleni's new CD, Miracle Of Five, which is a consistently good collection of late-night sultry tunes.  I'm a fan and always recommend her to my music friends.  Here's an extended version of her Paste interview.