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Heaven (Live)  Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

"They may love you, they may show you in what they do or say. But they cannot save you unless you want to be saved."

This was the first time we ever did this song in front of an audience.  At the end of the song you can hear us cracking up about it.   

It was part of our Crazy Planet show (with Edwin, Tony, and Ken) that also included a first-time performance of Slow Down, our Download Of The Month from December 2005.  The instrumentation for this version of Heaven is quite a bit different from the album cut, so I thought it might be fun to put it up on the website.  Compare and contrast to your delight.  And lyrics are here.  Enjoy! 

The Schwagcast (Podcast Theme Song) Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

In 2006, one of my goals was to finish mixing one song per month.  Well, I didn't even come close, but I did digress into some other fun directions, such as digging into the podcasting culture and writing theme songs for some new friends.  I've learned alot in the process and met some very cool people.

This one is just drums and vocals, similar to the approach I used on the Get Jacked! theme song.  I'm sure I could add more to this, but it is kinda fun as is, and I think it matches the vibe of the actual Podcast show, which is pretty much the goal. 

I approach each one of these as a fun challenge.  Basically, I get an idea and don't want to stop until it's done.  These were recorded very quickly and very simply, often using the Apple laptop with GarageBand, with a four-tracky approach to knocking it out. 

Check out The Schwagcast, a fun show based out of New York that has been very supportive of 100 Year Picnic. (Podcast Theme Song)  Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

While focusing on recording and mixing the new 100 Year Picnic, I did get a bit lax on posting the download of the month, sorry about that.  So here's an attempt to catch-up. 

Last year, I challenged myself on various occasions to write theme songs for some of the podcasters out there supporting independent music and 100 Year Picnic. 

I thought this one turned out pretty interestin g.  Yes, that's me actually trying to pull off an electric guitar solo!

You can checkout the podcast at, you guessed it,

Lots of good stuff coming along, hopefully for some sort of summer release.  I've been crazy busy mixing and we now have 8 songs in the can! 

So far, these are the tunes that are mixed:

  • Another Phase
  • Looks Are For Free
  • I Don't Know What To Tell You
  • The Days Are Weak
  • Isolation
  • We Were Not The Same
  • Come On
  • Greener Than The Trees

We are also working on four more that may or may not be on the record, depending how all these songs fit together:

This is going to be a different kind of record.  The production and songs are still very eclectic, but I think this record has more of a theme running through it.  The songwriting is much more collaborative, with more than half of the songs co-written by Edwin Pierce, plus a great song co-written by Greg Pare.  Ed is playing on most of this, and I'm doing all the drums this time around.  Many of the songs started as improvised instrumentals between Ed and myself (guitar and drums), and we turned these spontaneous pieces into completed songs, which has been so much fun. More on that later. 

I'm also playing piano on a few songs, which is a first for me.  Still plenty of guest musicians as well. 

You might recognize a few of the new songs, but most of these have never been performed in public yet, so I'm really looking forward to getting the songs out there for you all to hear. 

I do think of them as a grouping (yes, an actual album) so we're waiting until they are all done.  Then we'll release them on the website, and probably put together a limited production run CD.  I guess a few of us still listen to those things.