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OK, it's been years since I've listened to the fourth album from Van Halen. But Fair Warning is kicking my butt.

Unbelievable energy. And I am reminded not only how original Eddie is on guitar, but also Alex on drums. The drumming on this record is incredible. He is easily one of the best rock drummers ever, though you just don't hear people talking about this. I would put him in a class with John Bonham and Stewart Copeland in terms of his innovative playing, his sound, his ideas, and his pure execution. Just listen to this record, and think about drumming and music in 1981, and you tell me different.

I remember being a drummer and student and being into mainly guys like Neil Peart, who is also amazing, but someone that plays and perfectly executes brilliantly crafted patterns and ideas. Then I remember opening my ears up to the playing of guys like Stewart and Alex, who were clearly not playing specific patterns. Instead it was more about the attitude and the spontaneity of the moment. Check this out and you will see that Alex is the Stewart of hard rock.

Eddie and Alex, guitar and drums, two brothers and one unbelievable sound. Dig this one back up, and put a big ole smile on your face.

I'm sure I'm late to this game, but have you guys seen or heard about

Basically, it's like a cross between ebay and netflix, only for music CDs. How does it work?

Much like your netflix queue of movies, you create a list of CDs you have that you want to get rid of, and you make a list of CDs you want. They coordinate the trade for you for under $2 per CD. They tell you when someone wants one of your CDs, you fill-out the mailing address on the prepaid mailer envelop provided by lala, drop it in the mail, and meanwhile, you get something that's on your list.

So I'm getting rid of CDs I never listen too, and now I have Van Halen I being delivered to me this week. SWEET. My first CD in the mail was Fair Warning. These are records I had on cassette (or even in some cases, 8-track), and never got around to getting the CD. So now I have an easy, affordable way to get this stuff without springing $10-$15 for an oldie but goodie.

I've been wanting to build up some classic rock CDs for my kids to listen to because they love this music and they instantly relate to it. Guitar Hero helps. Plus, it is just great/fun/real music which you almost never find on the radio today. Even my 11-year-olds know this. They are not buying all that crap on the radio today. For the most part, it's a joke to them.

So more VH coming our way, plus Boston's debut record, and maybe someone in the lala database is ready to give up there Supertramp Breakfast In America???