Mojo Stew Puts Together Reunion Show, 100YP Opens
Fun With Overheads

Big thanks to everyone that came out to our first show as duo.  We had a great time. 

Considering all the new things we were trying, I think it went pretty well.  Some new things this time out: Singing and playing piano for one (remember when I started taking piano lessons back in 2005), improvising over some loops we created on the spot (with a spotty loop pedal that likes to shut off without warning), Edwin playing bass on some songs and guitar on others, generally trying to represent the songs with only 2 people, oh, and me NOT playing a drumset....

But hey, the REAL story for the evening:  Mojo Stew is still cookin'!!!  These guys have not played together for 16 years, except for a couple rehearsals (I heard it was only 2), and they were simply amazing.  Great to see Mojo again, hang with some old friends, and meet some new ones. 


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