Fun With Overheads
Happy New Year!

Want to hear some GREAT independent music in Central Illinois? 

This Friday, December 21, at Daddios, we are participating in a huge benefit featuring some of the best original music in the area, including touring artists Backyard Tire Fire, Chicago Farmer, Wiplot, The Dirty Hands Band, and many more.  It's an honor to be on the same bill with all these guys!  Edwin and I will be doing our 100YP dynamic duo routine, complete with loops, piano, guitars, bass, and vocals. 

We go on at 9:35 PM SHARP and play a 30 minute set.  Every group will also be playing a Beatles tune and there will be lots of sitting in with other players and that sort of thing.  Definitely a cool event for a great cause, so I hope to see you there.  Starts at 8:00 PM with some of the BTF boys, then Cody (Chicago Farmer) is soon after so get there early and stay all night.


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