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DadandlexskatingFor about one week out of each year, the lake in the backyard will properly freeze over for some glorious skating. 

You would think we could get more than a week, but this flakey midwestern weather can never decide how cold it wants to be, 10 degrees one week, 45 the next, 55 after that, then back down 15... 

Well, this was the week of consistently cold weather.  My great friend and neighbor, Randy, came over with his shovel and away we went, dusting off the 1/2 inch layer of powder to uncover a NEAR PERFECT sheet of skating bliss.  And just look at the beautiful, blue sky. 

So the kids and I skated all afternoon, and even Edwin came out a little later.  And to top it all off, we cranked some outdoor music to keep us warm and float across the ice with us.  Here's a sampling of our random 2008 Farm Pond Iceskater's Playlist:

  • Drive Cattle Driver, by Slow Cattle
  • Stay On Your Side Of Town, by Susan Werner
  • I Believe In Spring, by Eleni Mandell
  • You And Me, by Neil Young
  • Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles
  • She's A Spectator, by Tommy O'Donnell
  • We're Going To Be Friends, by The White Stripes
  • Clap Hands, by Tom Waits
  • Wrecking Ball, by Emmylou Harris
  • Roads, by Portishead
  • The Devil's Feet, by Azure Ray
  • Optical Hopscotch, by Guided By Voices
  • The Battle Of Who Could Care Less, by Ben Folds Five
  • This Thing Together, by Dada
  • In My Dreams, by Francis Dunnery


I was never on the Something Brothers mailing list, but if I had been, this is the postcard I would have received in the mail 17 years ago.  Did you happen to catch any of these shows?!  And back-to-back shows at CBGB and the Metro.  Rock stars indeed.

I ran into this on the Something Brothers fan site, which had a great link to 30, dare I say vintage, SoBros photos.  Also, true fans should drop a comment on the Something Brothers blog, which is also part of the SoBro fan site.

One other thing: Don't forget to get your free downloads of each of the classic Something Brothers albums.  My personal favorite was Sparky.

We finally got our new cell phones, you know the kind that DOESN'T drop calls in your house, the kind that will very soon convince you that you have absolutely no need for a land line.  Well, new cell phones also mean new technology, and for us that means, RINGTONES. 

I was pretty sure we had some 100 Year Picnic ringtones out there and sure 'nuff, found AS TALL AS THE SKY out on Groupie Tunes.   Better yet, our good 'ole favorite Marilyn County is FREE.  Download it baby!

Img_8367This is my lifetime highest score in Yahtzee!  I WILL NOT tell you the secret words I whispered in the cup to roll not one, not two, not three, but FOUR YAHTZEES!  My mother recommended that I buy a lottery ticket today...  Hey, getting a bunch of people to hear our new record would be enough for me.  2008 is going to be a GREAT year!

Update: I thought I was so hot stuff with this score, but check out these user submitted high scores!   

As we prepare to release the new record, TALES OF A MODERN SPLASH, my novel-writing friend EBA sent me this great story, which has also made the rounds in some of the music blogs: David Byrne's Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists--And Megastars.  There is also a good sidebar discussion between David (Talking Heads) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead).

The music industry has changed so drastically in just the last couple of years, and David has beautifully articulated the possibilities and current realities.  There are six different music deal scenarios.  See if you can guess which one we have...

EBA also sent me this success story about an independent singer-songwriter from NYC, whose self-produced album "Girls and Boys" made its way to Number 2 on the iTunes Pop Chart, with the help of some great songs and personality, a myspace discovery leading to a Grey's Anatomy placement of 4 songs, and a connected manager.  It's quite an interesting time to be making music.   

For ongoing, no-BS commentary on the music industry, I highly recommend The Lefsetz Letter.  Update: Here's one more outstanding commentary on today's opportunities in music, from marketing guru Seth Godin.

Edwin and I have had the great pleasure of playing on the BIG ROCK stage at Daddio's a couple times in the past month, and it was a blast.  But for our kinda-sorta acoustic, dynamic duo config, this next show is a PERFECT FIT. 

Come see us at the COMETOGETHER GROUP ART SHOW, Saturday, January 12, 2008, 8:30 PM, 115 E. Monroe (corner of Monroe and East), Bloomington, IL, 3rd Floor.  This will truly be a unique experience, as this one night only art show will present over 25 different artists and their highly original, eclectic work. 

Artist and Art Director Matt Erickson has been putting on these special shows each winter for several years, and I can tell you there will be some interesting, thought-provoking, wild, fun, serious, and wacky art to admire and purchase if you so desire.  This one is located in a 100 year old historical art studio building.  Ed and I will play a 45 minute set starting at 8:30.  Oh, and it's FREE!  It's a celebration of art, music, and community coming together.  Hope to see you there!