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100 Year Picnic Record Club Members Get A Very Special Deal

Img_8544Tales Of A Modern Splash is finally here!  We will have an exclusive pre-release to all Record Club members (those of you on our mailing list) starting next Tuesday, February 26.  More on this in a day or two. 

Now in the meanwhile, check out the Kick-A** design work from rocker/artist Phil Schuldt! 

Booklets were printed up locally and the CDs were manufactured by Bellwether (highly recommended!), manufacturing arm of the Secretly Canadian indie label.



I was one of the first people to get a real sealed CD copy! But my mom got the first CD out of the first box. (Something she wanted.) I have gotten copies before, but this is the only CD that I know is mine and I know where it is!
Tales of a Modern Splash is an awesome CD! And it was produced by MY DAD, and of course Mr. Pierce next door! I hope you enjoy it.

P.S One of the best part of having Jeff as my dad is that I get a FREE Cd automatically!

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