Now Isn't This Just A Whole Lotta Fun?
Tales Of A Modern Splash Now Available On iTunes

Edwin and I got to hang with Mr. Boy himself, Matthew of The Redboy Podcast.  We did laugh alot, so if you are looking for some comic relief AND a live studio performance, download the show and then become a lifelong fan of the Redboy Podcast.

Redboy (and his wife, Absolute Amy) are podcasting old-timers now, having been doing this podcast thing for almost 3 years.  And they just won a MAJOR AWARD.  You have to listen to the show to find out more... 

If you'd like to reminisce, we wrote about Redboy way back when they first started.  Follow that link and you'll also find the ORIGINAL Redboy theme song, which was a fun little experiment with my "new" Apple laptop.   


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