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Edwin and I got to hang with Mr. Boy himself, Matthew of The Redboy Podcast.  We did laugh alot, so if you are looking for some comic relief AND a live studio performance, download the show and then become a lifelong fan of the Redboy Podcast.

Redboy (and his wife, Absolute Amy) are podcasting old-timers now, having been doing this podcast thing for almost 3 years.  And they just won a MAJOR AWARD.  You have to listen to the show to find out more... 

If you'd like to reminisce, we wrote about Redboy way back when they first started.  Follow that link and you'll also find the ORIGINAL Redboy theme song, which was a fun little experiment with my "new" Apple laptop.   

For those of you in the hometown of Bloomington, Illinois, tune into The Susan Saunders Show on WBNQ 101.5 on Thursday morning, March 6. 

Ed and I will be doing a live interview between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.  This week Susan is doing a salute to independent artists in the area.  I know our friend Tony is going to be on Wednesday morning talking about Backyard Tire Fire and some other groups he's been recording and producing.

So anyway, tune in, it will be great fun.  I'm guessing we'll talk about the new record, independent music, sample a few cuts, and we may even bring in our guitars to do something live in the studio. 

Speaking of the new record, our pre-release promotion ends on March 10, and we'll be releasing Tales Of A Modern Splash to the public on March 11.  Locally, to start out with, you will be able to buy copies at Monster Pawn (of course) and the very cool and independent Waiting Room Records in uptown Normal.