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Img_7873It's not easy being green, but it's not that crazy tough either.  To help spread some Earth Day love:

  1. Grab yourself a free download of our song Greener Than The Trees.  No, it's not specific to Earth Day, but it sure is pretty darn green.
  2. Email the song to a friend or 3.
  3. Check out the green festivities over at, as well as a few simple tips on What We Can Do At Home

About "Greener Than The Trees"

About half of the new album started as improvisations we recorded on guitar (Ed) and drums (me).  We would get together, roll tape, and just make stuff up.  Later we'd slap some melody and lyrical ideas on top of the improvised tracks, and we started to see (and hear) some very fun and often surprising results. 

This song came from one of those improvisations, and on that night, we were recording with our friend Jeff Walker on bass.  A week or so later, I threw down some quick vocal ideas and a stream of words for Ed to check out, and we ended up keeping almost all of those original demo vocals.

Later, our friend John Ganser from vonFrickle added the beautifully lush and swirly vintage keys (Moog and Kurzweil), and this puppy was pretty much ready to mix.  Nowadays, it has found its home as the closing track on our new record, Tales Of A Modern Splash.

Happy Earth Day!

Kyle Schiebel over at has written our first Tales Of A Modern Splash review, and an awesomely good one at that.  He didn't just dip his toes into the water, he dove in head first!

For those of you in the hometown, Kyle is also the featured music writer for TCStyle, an excellent print publication promoting the best in local arts, music, culture, and cuisine.  So... the review will also appear in the May 2008 issue of TCStyle.   

This point in the process is quite an interesting one, where you create your art and send it out into the world, and you hope it takes on a life of it's own.  This is an album we really believe in, so it's great to hear it is connecting to an audience. 

Check out some of the cool things Kyle has to say about the new record, and while you're at it, read some of his other great reviews and recommendations on his Big Music Blog.   

Download it baby!

100 Year Picnic - Tales of a Modern Splash