How To Be Greener Than The Trees On Earth Day, April 22, 2008
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Hi kids, more fun to report.  First off, our song "Greener Than The Trees" was recently featured on four awesome music blogs:

Largehearted Boy

We are also excited to share with you another excellent record review, this one from James in Utah, a music blogger and podcaster.

Checkout what James has to say about Tales Of A Modern Splash:

"100 Year Picnic, one of my favorite independent bands has released their newest full length release, Tales of a Modern Splash. The album is full of great songs; multi-layered and perfectly textured, each song has it’s own story to tell."

"One of my favorite songs on the new album is Looks Are for Free. It, like a few other songs on the album has properties that remind me of the Beatles, though to call Jeff Greeneberg and Edwin Pierce another John and George would be to misunderstand their motives. 100 Year Picnic’s music is mostly based around their families that they both love and tolerate, and this can be seen in their songs."

Read the full review by James.

Also, the local magazine TCStyle just hit the newstands, and here's what they had to say:

"This is rock 'n' roll evolved; it's pop music for grown-ups."

"The influences are both obvious and welcome. "Looks Are For Free" sounds like Rubber Soul era Beatles with a touch of David Bowie. That song is followed by "Another Phase," which blends vintage '80s synth (when did the '80s become vintage?) with the alterna-pop-bounce of XTC. Fans of Tears For Fears' post- "Big Chair" material will enjoy both the lush "Greener Than The Trees" and the fantastically layered "Everything's Perfect."

"There are plenty of more contemporary influences to be found as well. "We Were Not The Same" could pass for a lost Ben Folds Five track, and "Slow Down" would not sound at all out of place on a Chris Cornell album.

Read the full review by Kyle Schiebel.



I wish I could catch a wave....
Make a splash.....

I am also so so so so so happy for my dad and ed with there new cd,even though it was a long and hard job to do. I can tell you right now that there was a lot of long hours put into that cd in that basement!

It was great to hear so great reviews about
the cd... the viewers obviously liked it!!

Love <3,

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