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Well hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  Summer always reminds me of this song that I wrote with my daughter when she was 4 1/2.  Now she's 12.  Time flies.  Kids have already taken to the backyard swimming hole and summer is officially in full swing. 

We recently finished mixing a new song, Too Much Love, which is sort of a twin sister of our song Isolation.  This new one features pedal steel, upright bass, brushes, acoustic guitar, Jack 'n' Coke, Ed's guitar, a laugh track, and for the first time, my wife Cathy's backing vocals.  Cut most of it live in the studio.  Turned out real nice.  We plan to post an mp3 once the site goes up (add it to the list), but in the meantime, here was the live@home demo version of Too Much Love

We are of course still promoting Tales Of A Modern Splash, slowly and surely, with some very fine reviews.  Making music is always more fun than marketing it, so you wouldn't be surprised that Edwin and I have been very busy with a new alter-ego of a project--a new album with a totally different sound.  Twelve songs are about halfway finished, with Ed singing on most of it this time and some amazing lyrics and music from Ed.  I'm following his lead on this one and it's been fun to tag along.  This will most likely be another Wheelie Pop Records release.  More to come on this...

I've also been doing quite a bit of session work (drums and backing vocals) over at Oxide Lounge for Matt Robinson, a Chicago-based singer-songwriter with a very cool Neil Young/Dylan vibe.  Friend and producer Tony SanFilippo wrote a nice posting on the tape op forum about how we cut backing vocals in the control room without headphones.  Matt's been alot of fun to work with and I'm really looking forward to hearing his finished record. 

Speaking of Tony, his latest project with Backyard Tire Fire will be released this August!  This band continues to improve and mature in their sound and songwriting, and I'm looking forward to this new record too.  To me they should be right up there with bands like My Morning Jacket and Wilco.  I think they are well on their way.  They have a new record deal with NYC-based Hyena Records and you can sample new tracks over at the BTF website.  I believe that's my friend (and 100YP contributor) Brian Choban playing trumpet on the title track.

And speaking of Brian, many of you know I play drums in his jazz band, The Brian Choban Jazz Quintet, and we've been playing quite a bit this summer, with some festivals and whatnot.  Come out and see us if you are here in town!  It's a lot of fun.   

Last but not least, Ed and I are participating in a blues recording project (can you believe it???) with longtime bluesman, Joe Zaklan.  Ed and I are both new to a traditional blues gig, but enjoying the experience.  I will say that it's harder than it looks.  That project will likely culminate in an EP and a festival appearance by the end of the summer as well.

Enjoy the sunshine, summer heat, summer BBQs, and summer beer, and if you are so moved, you can honor good 'ole Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (and his Uncle Alex) and declare "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is."

Once again, we are happy to share another excellent review of Tales Of A Modern Splash, this one from writer Eric Anderson in Northern Colorado.  Think Rocky Mountains and Fat Tire beer. 

Here are a few highlights:

"The reflective songs leisurely unspool over a variety of catchy rock music, each a completely realized story..."

"Tales of a Modern Splash" is an eclectic mix of alt-pop songs about the journey from post-college adulthood into early middle age family life. Maybe that's just the 40-something, father-of-teens in me talking, but these are pop songs I can identify with..."

"Like super heroes with secret identities, the two guys behind 100 Year Picnic are in fact Jeff Greeneberg and Edwin Pierce: self-described dads, husbands and next door neighbors with a basement full of instruments and enough tech skills to run their own recording studio and website..."

"If their first album reminded me of a cornfield-based Fountains of Wayne, this wide-ranging new album sounds a little like a lot of all our favorite music but it reminds me of nobody except themselves. 100 Year Picnic has a grown-up pop sound all their own."

Read the full review by Eric Anderson, Colorado.