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With 27 songs on iTunes and, we now have enough music to pepper your iPod with these playlists for various occasions. 

The best deal (of course) is to buy both albums (wink) and then create your own playlists based on these suggestions, but we also have all of this setup on iTunes so you can just download an entire playlist/iMix as needed.  Explore, enjoy, and even better, create your own!

100 Year Picnic Party
Have a picnic, have a party, and who better to bring along than 100 Year Picnic???  These infectious and eclectic indie pop tunes will add some smirky fun to your party music playlist.

100 Year Love Songs
Snuggle up to this warm and playful set of melodic love songs from indie popsters 100 Year Picnic...

100 Year Art Show
Your art and music-loving friends are invited!  Turn them on to something new...  This delicious set of eclectic indie pop tunes by 100 Year Picnic will mix perfectly with your next cocktail or dinner party. Cheers!

100 Year Workout!
Jump into a great workout with 100 Year Picnic! These songs were specially selected to keep your motor runnin', including the perfect tune to cool down to at the end of your workout. Enjoy!

100 Year Chill
It's been a long day--time to sit back, relax, and chill out to a mellow but melodic set from indie pop songsters, 100 Year Picnic.