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100 Year Picnic On New Year's Eve

It's thanksgiving weekend here in the states, and we'd like to say thank you to all of the hard-working podcasters out there still playing independent music.  100 Year Picnic has now been featured on over 90 podcasts around the globe.  Here are some from the past two years:

Mevio Radio, Florida, played Hot Balloon on February 4.
The Redboy Podcast, Bloomington, IL, featured a live interview with Edwin and myself on March 16, including a live performance of Looks Are For Free.
The Philosophy Guy Show, Wisconsin, played Heaven on March 22.

This Week In Podcast, Texas, played Hot Balloon on April 4.
A Quiet Time Podcast, Wisconsin, played Someone's In The House on April 11 & Mary Faye Tucker on April 14.
Dalecast featured Make Things Right on April 14.
A Quiet Time Podcast put together a special feature of our music on April 16, playing Marilyn County, Take This Town, and I'd Take You Anyplace.  Thank you so much Terry!
Belle of the Ball played Come On on April 18.

A Quiet Time Podcast, Wisconsin, played another 100 Year Picnic tune on July 1: Catch This Crazy.
Lost Bearings chose Take This Town for their July 5th show.
The Double M Show, Netherlands, featured Make Things Right on August 12.
Homecast, California, played Hot Balloon on September 18.

Sounds From The Yellow Room, Florida, put together a 100 Year Picnic double feature with Looks Are For Free and Hot Balloon on October 10.
Cirque de Sophie, California, played Heaven on October 17.
Winchester Journal, Germany, played I'd Take You Anyplace on November 24.
Dalecast, UK, played another 100YP tune, this one on November 26: Another Phase.
Poddycast, UK, also played Another Phase on November 26.
Pick Of The Day, featured Come On on December 1, with a little intro from yours truly.


Legendary Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit, featured us in a fun interview in January 2007.
da-rum, Germany, played Marilyn County in January.
Digital-era, UK, played I'd Take You Anyplace in January.
Rusty Chain Commute, Virginia, featured 100 Year Picnic on two shows in January, playing Marilyn County and Someone's In The House
The G Spod, Pennsylvania, played Someone's In The House in February.
Podcast9, Poland, played I'd Take You Anyplace in May.

Supanova, Australia, played Heaven in June.
Under The Carpet, Pennsylvania, played Hot Balloon in July.  
Hit The North, Northern Ireland, featured Hot Balloon in July.

Filmed But Not Forgotten, Canada, played Hot Balloon, October.
JJFM, New Zealand, played Marilyn County in October.
Comedy Music Cellar, Utah, played Billy Bob Joe in November.
Playlist Mix, Ireland, featured Hot Balloon in November.
Reaching for Lucidity, North Carolina, played Hot Balloon in December.

It's wild to see Hot Balloon being our most popular tune featured by podcasters these past couple of years, followed by I'd Take You Anyplace.  Both songs were originally recorded and released 10 years ago in 1998 on the 10 Gallon Cat EP.  I guess that's what they call the long tail...

For more podcasts featuring 100 Year Picnic checkout this, this, and this as well.  


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