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It's thanksgiving weekend here in the states, and we'd like to say thank you to all of the hard-working podcasters out there still playing independent music.  100 Year Picnic has now been featured on over 90 podcasts around the globe.  Here are some from the past two years:

Mevio Radio, Florida, played Hot Balloon on February 4.
The Redboy Podcast, Bloomington, IL, featured a live interview with Edwin and myself on March 16, including a live performance of Looks Are For Free.
The Philosophy Guy Show, Wisconsin, played Heaven on March 22.

This Week In Podcast, Texas, played Hot Balloon on April 4.
A Quiet Time Podcast, Wisconsin, played Someone's In The House on April 11 & Mary Faye Tucker on April 14.
Dalecast featured Make Things Right on April 14.
A Quiet Time Podcast put together a special feature of our music on April 16, playing Marilyn County, Take This Town, and I'd Take You Anyplace.  Thank you so much Terry!
Belle of the Ball played Come On on April 18.

A Quiet Time Podcast, Wisconsin, played another 100 Year Picnic tune on July 1: Catch This Crazy.
Lost Bearings chose Take This Town for their July 5th show.
The Double M Show, Netherlands, featured Make Things Right on August 12.
Homecast, California, played Hot Balloon on September 18.

Sounds From The Yellow Room, Florida, put together a 100 Year Picnic double feature with Looks Are For Free and Hot Balloon on October 10.
Cirque de Sophie, California, played Heaven on October 17.
Winchester Journal, Germany, played I'd Take You Anyplace on November 24.
Dalecast, UK, played another 100YP tune, this one on November 26: Another Phase.
Poddycast, UK, also played Another Phase on November 26.
Pick Of The Day, featured Come On on December 1, with a little intro from yours truly.


Legendary Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit, featured us in a fun interview in January 2007.
da-rum, Germany, played Marilyn County in January.
Digital-era, UK, played I'd Take You Anyplace in January.
Rusty Chain Commute, Virginia, featured 100 Year Picnic on two shows in January, playing Marilyn County and Someone's In The House
The G Spod, Pennsylvania, played Someone's In The House in February.
Podcast9, Poland, played I'd Take You Anyplace in May.

Supanova, Australia, played Heaven in June.
Under The Carpet, Pennsylvania, played Hot Balloon in July.  
Hit The North, Northern Ireland, featured Hot Balloon in July.

Filmed But Not Forgotten, Canada, played Hot Balloon, October.
JJFM, New Zealand, played Marilyn County in October.
Comedy Music Cellar, Utah, played Billy Bob Joe in November.
Playlist Mix, Ireland, featured Hot Balloon in November.
Reaching for Lucidity, North Carolina, played Hot Balloon in December.

It's wild to see Hot Balloon being our most popular tune featured by podcasters these past couple of years, followed by I'd Take You Anyplace.  Both songs were originally recorded and released 10 years ago in 1998 on the 10 Gallon Cat EP.  I guess that's what they call the long tail...

For more podcasts featuring 100 Year Picnic checkout this, this, and this as well.  

In the late nineties, I played drums in a local theatre production and at one of the cast parties, a bunch of actors told us we HAD to see Waiting For Guffman.  You've seen this mockumentary right, from the Spinal Tap guys?  Pretty funny.  A middle-of-nowhere town puts on a ridiculous play with the hopes of being discovered by a famous Broadway producer, ala Guffman, who they hope will fly to the middle-of-nowhere to see their winning production.  This is why they are Waiting For Guffman.  I'll let you watch the movie to see if he ever shows up. 

Meanwhile, in real life, we are sitting here in Bloomington, Illinois (yes, pretty much middle-of-nowhere) waiting for GOOGLE.  Waiting for Google to start showing search results again for 100 Year Picnic.  To see for yourself, here's a Google search on '100 Year Picnic'

For about the past two months, Google has blocked our site,, from their search results.  Why?  I have no idea.  We have never received any notification or any reasons why, even after multiple attempts to contact Google.  We have filled out the necessary forms, and our job now is to sit and wait.  Pretty freaky.  And lame. 

Update: Sometime in early December, we appeared again in the Google search results.  Despite our various attempts to contact Google in this 10 week period of time, we never received a single communication from Google nor any indication of any wrong-doing.   

Apparently this is happening to plenty of other reputable web citizens.  You know what, there are just so many examples, like this one here and here and here.  Now the irony: How did I find all of these examples?  Google.

Look, I'm no Google basher.  Don't want to be.  They do make life easier for all of us, at least most of the time.  I believe they have the right intentions and they obviously have some of the brightest minds in the world.  I know they have a pretty tough job trying to stop the bad guys on the internet, the spam bloggers (sploggers) and others trying to game the search engines or mislead the internet consumer.  I can only assume this is some automated error.

But come on, this is wrong.  Google was founded on user-centered design principles, so shouldn't it be a priority for Google to:

  1. Be accountable for their decision and actions to shut down accounts, reduce PageRank to zero, and block sites from search results. 
  2. Provide clear feedback and communication when a problem is identified and suspected.
  3. Provide a more expedient way to resolve problems.
  4. Get smarter in their effort to sort out the bad sites from the good sites.

So now what?  I've done everything I can do.  And I've waited almost 2 months with no results, no communications, and no answers.  I hate asking for help, but do you know anyone that works for Google that can help us???  It seems like that is the only thing that works. 

For the most part, I like to stay out of politics and I'm an independent voter.  But never in my life has there been a more important election here in America, and I'm casting my vote today for Barack Obama.  Take a stand Americans, and exercise your freedom to vote.