100 Year Picnic Awarded 2nd Place In The Indie International Songwriting Contest
Thank You Bloomington!

100 Year Picnic, Live at TheatresCool, February 28 & March 7

We are pleased to announce two very special shows coming up on February 28th and March 7 at TheatresCool in downtown Bloomington.  

Update:  We are booked solid with reservations for both shows!  Tickets are at the door though, so we recommend that you arrive early for a seat.  

We are finally going to have the opportunity to put together a full cast of characters to deliver this album to you LIVE, from start to finish.  We have a slew of talented friends, singers, and players that are going to help us out:

  • Alex Chadwick: Guitar, bass, vocals
  • Jennifer Rusk: Vocals
  • Tony San Filippo: Drums, percussion, keys
  • Kurt Hoffman: Cello, vocals, keys (28th only)
  • Brian Choban: Trumpet, fluglehorn, percussion.  

I'm pretty sure Ken Thornton is going to be joining us too for one of the shows.  Ed is playing bass for most of the show, and I'm on acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals.  

See what I mean? We are currently rehearsing for this show, and we are having a blast.   

A couple other things.  TheatresCool is a GREAT listening room with tiered seating, couches, and all around good vibes.  We will have some coolers with beer and soft drinks that come with the price of admission.  You are also welcome to bring your own beer, wine, or beverage of your choice for the show.  

Get this one on your calendar!  If you would like to come out to one or both of these shows, please email me with your reservation.  The seating is very limited.  Can't wait!  



i was able to hear both shows, but only attended one and they were so awesome!
they were awesome, but i cant tell that they were a lot of hard work.

Thanks for doing them and i cant wait to see you doing another.


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