With 27 songs on iTunes and amazon.com, we now have enough music to pepper your iPod with these playlists for various occasions. 

The best deal (of course) is to buy both albums (wink) and then create your own playlists based on these suggestions, but we also have all of this setup on iTunes so you can just download an entire playlist/iMix as needed.  Explore, enjoy, and even better, create your own!

100 Year Picnic Party
Have a picnic, have a party, and who better to bring along than 100 Year Picnic???  These infectious and eclectic indie pop tunes will add some smirky fun to your party music playlist.

100 Year Love Songs
Snuggle up to this warm and playful set of melodic love songs from indie popsters 100 Year Picnic...

100 Year Art Show
Your art and music-loving friends are invited!  Turn them on to something new...  This delicious set of eclectic indie pop tunes by 100 Year Picnic will mix perfectly with your next cocktail or dinner party. Cheers!

100 Year Workout!
Jump into a great workout with 100 Year Picnic! These songs were specially selected to keep your motor runnin', including the perfect tune to cool down to at the end of your workout. Enjoy!

100 Year Chill
It's been a long day--time to sit back, relax, and chill out to a mellow but melodic set from indie pop songsters, 100 Year Picnic.

Img_7873It's not easy being green, but it's not that crazy tough either.  To help spread some Earth Day love:

  1. Grab yourself a free download of our song Greener Than The Trees.  No, it's not specific to Earth Day, but it sure is pretty darn green.
  2. Email the song to a friend or 3.
  3. Check out the green festivities over at www.earthday.net, as well as a few simple tips on What We Can Do At Home

About "Greener Than The Trees"

About half of the new album started as improvisations we recorded on guitar (Ed) and drums (me).  We would get together, roll tape, and just make stuff up.  Later we'd slap some melody and lyrical ideas on top of the improvised tracks, and we started to see (and hear) some very fun and often surprising results. 

This song came from one of those improvisations, and on that night, we were recording with our friend Jeff Walker on bass.  A week or so later, I threw down some quick vocal ideas and a stream of words for Ed to check out, and we ended up keeping almost all of those original demo vocals.

Later, our friend John Ganser from vonFrickle added the beautifully lush and swirly vintage keys (Moog and Kurzweil), and this puppy was pretty much ready to mix.  Nowadays, it has found its home as the closing track on our new record, Tales Of A Modern Splash.

Happy Earth Day!

Download it baby!

100 Year Picnic - Tales of a Modern Splash

With our album pre-release well underway, we thought we'd offer up a couple of the new tracks for you to download and share with your friends: 


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Modernsplashcover_2 Here's the deal.  Everyone in the 100 Year Picnic Record Club will get the first copies of Tales Of A Modern Splash in a special pre-release on Tuesday, February 26.  But that's not all kids!

For a limited time, buy the new record for only $10 and we will give you an extra CD*!  Throw it in your car, give it to your significant other, share it with a music friend, whatever!  And... FREE shipping!  Our Paypal storefront is up and running, and it will take all major credit cards and Paypal payments.

Login and order your pre-release now.  (Email me if you forgot your login and password).  If you want to be part of the FREE Record Club, learn more and signup.

Most importantly, we can't wait for you to hear this new record, which we think is our most personal and very best work to date.

* The CD will be shrink-wrapped with a clear jewel case and our full-color, 6-panel liner notes with all lyrics included.  However, liner notes and full packaging are not included with the extra (free) CD, but it's STILL very cool with full-color silkscreen printing and beautifully mastered sound...

Img_8544Tales Of A Modern Splash is finally here!  We will have an exclusive pre-release to all Record Club members (those of you on our mailing list) starting next Tuesday, February 26.  More on this in a day or two. 

Now in the meanwhile, check out the Kick-A** design work from rocker/artist Phil Schuldt! 

Booklets were printed up locally and the CDs were manufactured by Bellwether (highly recommended!), manufacturing arm of the Secretly Canadian indie label.

As we get ready to release our 3rd record (we are counting the 10 Gallon Cat EP as the first), we are making a few tweaks to the website. 

Download Of The Month will move to the exclusive Record Club section and we'll have two studio tracks off each album in a new section called MP3 Downloads.  Here are the first four songs for the MP3 Downloads section:

After we get our new records in the mail, we'll post a couple of the new songs up here for you.  Also, if you are not yet a member of our totally fun (and free) Record Club, you should just go ahead and sign-up.  You will get free live tracks, home demos, ring tones, band updates, and stuff like that, all exclusive to Record Club members.   

We finally got our new cell phones, you know the kind that DOESN'T drop calls in your house, the kind that will very soon convince you that you have absolutely no need for a land line.  Well, new cell phones also mean new technology, and for us that means, RINGTONES. 

I was pretty sure we had some 100 Year Picnic ringtones out there and sure 'nuff, found AS TALL AS THE SKY out on Groupie Tunes.   Better yet, our good 'ole favorite Marilyn County is FREE.  Download it baby!

Modernsplashcover_2 We now have the final master and cover artwork for the new record, TALES OF A MODERN SPLASH! 

The record will be released on our own independent record label, Wheelie Pop Records.  We are planning a pre-release early February, with the official release a month or so later.  We are very excited about this piece of work and we can't wait for you to hear it! 

We will have a few ways for you to get your copies early, including a way to get a free CD during the pre-release, so stay tuned for more information on this special pre-release promotion. 

As you know, we recorded and mixed the entire record here at home, in my basement studio.  Many of the songs started as improvisations, and we literally built these melodies, words, and further orchestration on top of these original improvisations.  In typical 100YP fashion, we also invited a bunch of our friends to join in the fun.  Well more on all of this later...

The master from Carl Saff turned out absolutely fantastic.  If you are curious about what mastering is, join the club!  It is a bit of a mystery to most of us, but basically it is the final professional step after mixing all of the songs.  Carl does a much better job explaining all about mastering, right here on his website.  Edwin and I traveled up to Chicago to see (and hear) Carl in action.  He's a great engineer and a great guy, and I've learned quite alot in this process.  For you musicians out there, I highly recommend getting your music professionally mastered, and I highly recommend Carl. 

We are also super-duper happy with the artwork from Ruth Buzzy rocker and artist Phil Schuldt.  So, all we have left is the final manufacturing, a fair amount of rehearsing to play more shows in 2008, and the truly fun part...marketing and promotion...  Hey, if you have any ideas, let us know!!!  We will need your help to get the word out about this record.   Meanwhile, more details coming soon about the release, the music, the musicians...

Good news. We are so close to being done with this CD. 

Phil Schuldt from Ruth Buzzy is working on the art.  Besides being a great songwriter and frontman for RB, Phil is an awesome art director and graphic artist.  He did the art for our 10 Gallon Cat EP as well as The Thingies Unspookable EP cassette (back in the day). So we are very excited to have Phil help us out with this project. 

I'm wrapping up the mix for Slow Down, and there is one mix left, a song called Everything's Perfect.

I can't wait to get this thing done.  I AM pretty slow at this, but not much I can do about that.  No matter anyway, I think it will make for some fun listening.  Want to know the song order?  At the moment, this is what we are thinking:

  1. I Don't Know What To Tell You
  2. Looks Are For Free
  3. Another Phase
  4. Make Things Right
  5. The Days Are Weak
  6. Isolation
  7. Come On
  8. We Were Not The Same
  9. Everything's Perfect
  10. Slow Down
  11. Greener Than The Trees

I've been goofing around with various song orders for awhile, and there was a week this summer where I got to spend the whole week with my 11-year old son, with the girls being gone all week.  It was a really great week for both of us.  One day while we were working around the house, I asked Steven to give me HIS recommended song order.  This is pretty much his list exactly, with only one change, and this set list flows.  Never underestimate the intuition of an 11-year old.