Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on this super fun night playing on a big hometown stage...


Family photo backstage before we go on.



A warm Bloomington-Normal welcome.



15-year-old Steven Greeneberg on the drums. 



And on the guitar, 14-year-old Everson Blade Pierce.



Ganser on keys and later on drums.



Rick on bass and vocals.









Edwin sings.





The sun sets over the BCPA summer stage.



A great time had by all.



This one probably says it all. 

Thanks again to Matt Edwards from Redcorn Studios for the awesome photos.


Kurt Hoffman, Jeff Greeneberg, Edwin Pierce from 100 Year Picnic

Photo by Breann Neal, May 23, 2009.  Thanks Bre!!! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to our two sold out shows at TheatresCool. Both audiences were awesome. We had an absolute blast with y'all. I guess we are gonna have to do this again...    

We did get some good video footage, so my son and I are in the process of putting together some video for youtube. Also, our friend Matt Edwards from Redcorn Studios (and The Redboy Podcast) was on hand to capture some amazing photos, including the photo in our new website header. Here are a few more great shots from Matt...

IMG_0057 IMG_0021 2 IMG_0017 IMG_0156 IMG_0318 IMG_9933 IMG_0212 IMG_0073 2 IMG_0202 IMG_9986 IMG_0259


If I got to pick the Christmas card this year, this probably would have been the shot, but it was vetoed.  But I DO have a website...  From our family to yours, we sincerely hope you all have a great holiday season. 

105_0570_6Welcome to My name is Jeff Greeneberg, and I will be your most excellent host, bringing you the latest and greatest of news you can use on my beloved indie rock music project--100 Year Picnic. We’ll have free music downloads, project updates, concert dates, photos, and stuff you can buy if you so desire.

I will also be introducing you to the many talented musicians, writers, and friends that are involved, not only with this musical experiment, but also with their own original bands. I’m hoping to bring to you some of their music, shows, and updates. These are people you deserve to know about and music you deserve to hear.

Sometimes, when I think about it, it’s hard to believe we have all this talent right here in this unlikely place. I suppose it’s as good as any. Life happens where you live. In this case, it happens in Bloomington, Illinois.