Thanks to the great podcasters around the world who have played our music in the past few months...

The Gear Jammer, California, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 11
The Mike Beckham Show, Australia, played Marilyn County on March 11 (1st Show)
Radio Revolution, Sweden, played Mary Faye Tucker
The Belgium FM Podcast, Belgium, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 10
The Unharshed Mellow, Philadelphia, played Tie's Been Broken on May 13, About Everything But You on April 9, Hot Balloon on March 21, and Everything on March 12, plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic

Face The Music, Utah, played Mary Faye Tucker on March 14
The Redboy Podcast, Bloomington, Illinois, is playing their new theme song (usually at the end of the show), words and vocals by 100 Year Picnic to the music of Daniel Powter's Bad Day song
Music Attack, Germany, played Everything on March 20
Next M Radio, Idaho, played Marilyn County and I'd Take You Anyplace on March 27
101 Uses For Baby Wipes, California, played Marilyn County on March 27
The Uncanning Podcast, Pittsburgh, played Marilyn County on March 26
Joe's Podcast, Portland Oregon, played Marilyn County on April 20 (1st Show) and Take This Town on June 20
Rightish Brain Podcast, New Jersey, played Mary Faye Tucker on June 10

Get Jacked, Virginia, played Everything on May 24 (100th Show), plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic
The Multiple Sclerosis Blog Podcast, played Marilyn County on June 13, Ohio, played Everything on June 24, Take This Town on June 13, and Mary Faye Tucker and Take This Town on May 29, plus their new theme song by 100 Year Picnic
DJAJ, Tennessee, played Marilyn County on July 2
Audio Gumshoe, Ohio, played Hot Balloon on June 26
ktsp, Netherlands, played Hot Balloon on July 6
Monday Morning Commute, Chicago, played Take This Town on June 7
Missing Something, New Jersey, played I'd Take You Anyplace on July 7
Schwagcast, New York, played Billy Bob Joe on July 9

For my musician friends out there, check out the music section at This is where you can download your music for podcasters to play on their shows.  If you want to share your music with people outside of your local community, this is a great way to get started.

Jump on over to Get Jacked! episode #100, featuring Jack Elias. 

As a young DJ starting in the late 70s, Jack remembers the time when they actually got to pick and play music they liked.  He was a popular DJ in Colorado known as Panama Jack throughout the 80s.  Having been away from radio for a number of years, Jack is back in action with a great rock music podcast where he again gets to play exactly what he wants to play.  And that's the way it should be. 

This particular episode, Jack talks about the buzz with independent music and broadcasting.  If you have any doubt that there is some major energy going on with music today, listen to what Jack has to say about it on show 100.  People are out there making music and doing their own podshows--just because it's fun, because they have something to say, and there is an audience listening.  People are doing the right thing for the right reasons with passion and energy.  The happy result is quality music that has been absent, or at least unavailable.   And you know what?  Quality music and conversation improves the quality of life. 

Also worth a quick mention, on his momentus occasion, episode 100, Jack features 100 Year Picnic. He opened the show with the nifty and appropriately jacked-up theme song we created this week.  Go over and check it out...  And he played our song Everything.  Be sure to check out the other artists too, of course.  There's some very good stuff in there.

Thanks again Jack for supporting independent music!

The Unharshed Mellow (mp3, Podcast Theme Song) Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

On the mellow...  On the mellow...  On the mellow...
On the unharshed mellow...

Seuss and Addie from The Unharshed Mellow were the first podcasters (outside of the hometown) to pickup a 100 Year Picnic song for their show.  They do a totally chilled-out, West Philly late night show with great independent music, mellow conversation, interactive beer tasting, plenty of laughs, and the occasional power belch.   And you gotta check out the title of this recent show.  I guess they like their theme song...

This particular little number features my good friend Brian Choban, playing an old-timey muted trumpet solo.  He nailed it on the first take, you see, because he is very good.  (By the way, you can also hear Brian's trumpet work on I Started Thinkin' and I'm In Denial.)

We had just finished playing a jazz gig for two hours at TC Buzz, and he so kindly popped over to cut this awesome little trumpet bit for the unharshed theme song.  (In addition to my 100YP eclectic pop labor of love, I've been playing drums in the Brian Choban Jazz Quintet, and I'm having a blast.  If you are in Bloomington, Illinois, (shameless plug) we play twice a month (shameless plug)--2nd Thursday at TC Buzz (shameless plug) and the 4th Thursday (shameless plug) at Chicago Style Pizzeria). 

So anyway, be sure to download the theme song and checkout the podcastic Unharshed Mellow...  Cheers!

His Name Is Red Boy (mp3, Podcast Parody of 'Bad Day') Click to play or right click and 'save as' to download.

"Who has the show you need the most?  A charming hostess, a congenial host
What do you do when you know someone that talks too much, goes on and on
Just give up, give them a microphone!"

Ok, I admit it, I'm a sucker for ridiculous parodies, and this one's for my friends Redboy and Absolute Amy over at the Redboy Podcast.  With all of their podcast chattering about American Idol, Redboy had this idea to change the words up for the now overplayed vote-off theme song, Bad Day. 

Red found the backing tracks on one of his radio resource sites, I wrote these silly words to go with the music, and of course, I did my best Daniel Powter impression.  Enjoy!

Congrats to Redboy and Absolute Amy of The Redboy Podcast for their feature article in our local newspaper, The Pantagraph.  The story provides a nice overview of podcasting, as well as an overview of five different podcasts from this area, which featured here and here.  Redboy was the first podcast to play 100 Year Picnic way back when. (I sit next to the guy at work and he needed something to play for free on one of his first shows.) 

Salute to the Central Illinois podcasters!

Ftmlogo300Independent broadcasters around the world are voicing their unique perspectives and ideas, and also playing great independent music for us all to discover.  James B from Utah is one such kindred spirit.  James hosts two very original and thoughtful podcasts, located at Navelcast and Face The Music

Navelcast is an entertaining introspective podcast featuring story telling, music, musings and more. 

With Face The Music, his mission is to introduce us to the best independent, unsigned music he can find.  This show typically features three songs, all centering around a particular theme.  In Face The Music 11, Tripin, James kicks a little cabin fever by dreaming ahead to the summer vacation season, starting his show with our vacation song, Mary Faye Tucker. 

Great intro to the song, James--it's fun to hear you tell the story behind the song.  You have it exactly right.  I'm going to take notes on how to tell that story! 

Michael was the first podcaster that I came across that was already using the new Apple enhanced podcast format, which includes a slide show of album covers to go with the music.  Michael's podcast also features detailed show notes that link to the artist websites.  These extras, of course, require more work and prep for the podcaster, and it's all to make for a better multimedia experience for us, the listeners.  It is also generous promotion for the artists. 

For his Chicago-based show, Monday Morning Commute, Michael hand-picks excellent new indie music, and we are honored to be a part of his line-up.  Check out his Feb 27 Podcast, which features 'Take This Town.'  Thanks again Michael for MMC and for playing our music!

Every week, former music insider Marcus Couch from Chicago, does a compilation podcast of the best independent music from the best independent podcasters.  It's called the Podshow Music Rewind, and this week's Episode #23 features Mary Faye Tucker as introduced on Rich Palmer's Miami Valley Musicast.  You want to hear the kicker?  This show is also broadcast throughout the US on the Sirius Satellite Radio show.  I'm thinkin' that's a good thing. 

If you have Sirius, tune-in to Sirius Stars, Tuesday, March 7, 8 PM central to hear the 100 Year Picnic Satellite debut.  If not check out the podcast anytime you like... 

Thanks Marcus for including us in your awesome show!

Last week, I mentioned the awesome daddycast, 101 Uses For Baby Wipes, hosted by the talented Dennis Gray.  Well, Dennis invited me and the fam to join him for an interview on his Episode 128.  Dennis played the world premier of the album version of Come On, featuring Kurt Hoffman on cello. 

Dennis also played some Billy Bob Joe, and we get to hear the wife's perspective on what it's like living with a musician, how domestic I can be when I'm not in music obsession mode, the stories behind Mary Faye Tucker & Come On, how the kids wrote Billy Bob Joe, plus Lexie's explanation of why she is chasing her brother on the front cover of the 100 Year Picnic CD.  I hadn't heard that one before...   

Oh, and I did a quick little jingle ditty that you can hear at the beginning of his show, complete with an unscripted appearance by my 9 1/2 year old son, telling me how weird I am.

Dennis is a very gracious host and he has a great family-oriented show.  Check it out and drop him a line.  He loves to hear from his listeners.  Thanks again Dennis!

Check out the Miami Valley Musicast from our relatively close neighbors in Southwest Ohio.  Rich Palmer is musician himself, and he does a nice job sharing original midwestern music and conducting interviews each week with a featured artist  We are thankful that Rich wanted to play Mary Faye Tucker for his 29th Episode...