100_year_picnic_jpg_art A couple nights ago, the Legendary Pirate DJ, Dave Rabbit, interviewed me for his popular internet show and showcased 7 of our songs:  100 Year Picnic Artist Showcase 

We had a super fun conversation with lots-o-laughs and stories, and music of course.  We talked quite a bit about songwriting, as well as inspiration for the songs he played on the show, including Everything, Mary Faye Tucker, Marilyn County, Take This Town, I'm In Denial, I'd Take You Anyplace, and his personal favorite...Heaven

Anyway, we were one of the first artists to be featured on this new artist showcase series he kicked off a week ago.  It's a fun and entertaining interview, so enjoy!

Now About Dave

Dave did three tours in the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1971. In 1971, he wanted to do something for the front line troops without censorship and created the legendary Radio First Termer radio show.


The show was created for the entertainment of the troops that put their lives on the line every day in Vietnam and who were part of the huge Anti-War movement which was happening within the ranks of the military itself against the war in Vietnam. After only 21 days of broadcasting, they had to shut down the show to prevent getting caught, as there was tremendous pressure on those that were protecting them. Had it not been for a tremendous underground movement, they would have been caught, court martialed and thrown in prison.

Somehow a recording of the show was preserved and you can go back in time to 1971 to hear a live broadcast.  Go to the Dave Rabbit Archives, and scroll to the very bottom and click play.  By the way, these original Radio First Termer shows contain very explicit material so listener discretion is advised.

Dave is also featured in interviews for the 2006 award-winning documentary, Sir! No Sir!, which chronicles the GI Anti-War Movement during the Vietnam War.

Every week, former music insider Marcus Couch from Chicago, does a compilation podcast of the best independent music from the best independent podcasters.  It's called the Podshow Music Rewind, and this week's Episode #23 features Mary Faye Tucker as introduced on Rich Palmer's Miami Valley Musicast.  You want to hear the kicker?  This show is also broadcast throughout the US on the Sirius Satellite Radio show.  I'm thinkin' that's a good thing. 

If you have Sirius, tune-in to Sirius Stars, Tuesday, March 7, 8 PM central to hear the 100 Year Picnic Satellite debut.  If not check out the podcast anytime you like... 

Thanks Marcus for including us in your awesome show!

Our song 'Take This Town' is still doing well on garageband.com.  Due to more excellent reviews, it was awarded the Experimental Rock Track Of The Week.  For 7 days, starting Feb 20, it will be featured on the garageband.com homepage.   

We have some more fun news to report.  As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from GarageBand.com members, "Mary Faye Tucker" will be Track of the Day at GarageBand.com.

For 24 hours on Monday, the 20th of February, 2006 (PST) Mary Faye will be featured on GarageBand.com's Americana homepage.

In addition, for the week of February 13, Mary Faye Tucker was awarded Best Male Vocal and Rocking Track in this same category. 

In addition to receiving "Track of the Day" on January 24, I just learned tonight that we've been given several other garageband.com awards this week for "Take This Town":

  • Best Male Vocals in Experimental Rock, week of January 23, 2006
  • Best Lyrics in Experimental Rock, week of January 23, 2006
  • Best Melody in Experimental Rock, week of January 23, 2006
  • Best Mood in Experimental Rock, week of January 23, 2006
  • Chill-Out Track in Experimental Rock, week of January 23, 2006

This is kinda fun...

We have some fun news to report.  As a result of some very enthusiastic reviews from GarageBand.com members, "Take This Town" will be Track of the Day at GarageBand.com.

For 24 hours on Tuesday, the 24th of January, 2006 (PST) "Take This Town" will be featured on GarageBand.com's Experimental Rock front page.

Garageband.com is a site that provides independent artists the opportunity to get candid feedback from other musicians and music lovers.  As part of this feedback process, songs are rated and entered into a contest.  Take This Town just made it to round 2, rated #20 in the Experimental Rock category, as of today at least.  We currently have a score of 4.7 stars out of 5.0.  According to garageband.com, only the top 1% of the songs submitted receive a 4.5 or higher, so that's kinda cool. 

Many of you know this track featured a live studio performance of John Ganser, Tommy O'Donnell, and Clay Thompson (yes, the Spelunkers!)  They did two takes from a chord chart and no rehearsals, and I think this was the second take.  The track also features some beautiful violin orchestration from  Shannan Sullivan, plus some great backing vocals by Clay Thompson and Diann Thompson.  It is fun to read through the feedback on garageband.com.  Quite a few of the reviewers like the intrumentation, vocals, overall mood, production, and the melodies, comparing the song to early Pink Floyd. 

Anyway, check it out and pass along the good word...

Apple iTunes has opened a digital store for Australia, so my Aussie friends and fans (I know I have at least two....) can now get the full-length re-release of this record.  Australians pay 99 Australian cents, which is about 74 US cents by today's conversion rates.  I call that a bargain...

Here's an interview with Derek from cdbaby about the new Australian store.

If you still like a good ole fashioned CD with nicely printed liner notes, the best place to get the 2005 release of 100 Year Picnic - As Tall As The Sky is at Waiting Room Records (in Normal, IL), cdbaby.com, or at a live performance here in the midwest. 

If you like it digital, I recommend iTunes or one of these digital download services we've submitted 100YP to:

MusicMatch (Yahoo)
MSN Music
Sony Connect
Apple iTunes (US and Australia)
American Idol Underground
Walmart Music Downloads

Midwestbands.com reviews 100 Year Picnic--As Tall As The Sky.  Here are a few highlights...

Musicianship – 9.5 out of 10
Songwriting – 10 out of 10
Sound Quality/Professionalism – 9 out of 10
Packaging – 9.5 out of 10
Overall Rating – 9.5 out of 10

"Featuring incredible musicians from Bloomington, IL, As Tall As The Sky is an incredibly creative and diverse album!  A myriad of instruments, including violin, slide and pedal steel guitar, Hammond organ and a horn section accompany traditional instrumentation (guitar/bass/drums) to create one of the coolest sounding records I’ve heard in a long time!"

"Without question, the lyrics and music on As Tall As The Sky are the most creative and interesting I have heard in a good long while!  I’ve had a really good stretch of albums to review lately, but for songwriting quality, this one is the tops!  Based on semi-autobiographical happenings in Greeneberg’s life, songs like (Mary Faye Tucker) take everyday events/subjects and entertain in a very thoughtful, often humorous way!  The melodies are over-the-top interesting, and the songs have awesome hooks with full, rich vocal harmonies and powerful instrumentation!  I cannot say enough about the songwriting on this album!  A gem originally created to thrill a few friends and neighbors, it has grown into something far more brilliant!  I definitely recommend that you inspect and admire the gem for yourself!  You will definitely be pleased!"

"After hearing As Tall As The Sky by 100 Year picnic, I can’t do anything but heartily recommend that you buy it, and hear it for yourself!  Creativity and talent like this don’t always fall into place, and you owe it to yourself to hear an album that has an almost magical quality!" 

—Mark Lush, Midwestbands.com, 8/16/05

Check out the full review... 

The 2005 re-release of 100 Year Picnic--As Tall As The Sky, is now available on the prestigious iTunes, as well as 18 other online record stores.  Just go to the music store within your iTunes, and you'll find us waiting...

This means you can very easily sample the songs and buy your favorites for only 99 cents each, or get these songs through your favorite online music subscription service.  The other online services include rhapsody.com, msn music, emusic.com, and american idol underground.  There are many more...

Send recommendations to your friends, and anyone around the world can have a little 100 Year Picnic...